• January 21, 2014
Nyala Id Alfursan – Rihaid Albirdi Road

 In a distinguished step in the company activities, it was able during the year 2010 to sign a major contract with the Ministry of Roads and Bridges for a road implementation which links Sudan with Central Africa Republic, the length of the road in the first phase about 160 km from Nyala – Id Alfursan – Rihaid Albirdi till Um Dafougue on the borders of Sudan with Central Africa Republic. This stage was also estimated by 160 kilometers.

At an early time the company started preparations for the road through ample investment in mechanics and equipment’s, as well as providing work facilities, work vehicles and supervision. The company began the work of the soil sampling examination and road cleaning. M.A.N. Infrastructure is now working at an accelerated pace in the project with the hope to be completed before the deadline that is 36 month.

Hopefully after the completion of the road implementation Man for infrastructure, the company will gain a higher level of experience in the field of road establishment and will be in a position to take on many projects that will be posed by the Sudanese Government in the future.