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Khartoum Oasis Towers

Untitled-2Proprietor: Khartoum Oasis for Urban Development Company.
Executing Firm: Turkish – Imaret for Construction (TIC), major contractor Derrick and Skill for Elector-mechanic Works , (sub-contractor). 

Description: Project includes four towers, 11 floors of each. Underground parking area of 13000 square m, ascended by two floors, one for the Khartoum’s New Financial Centre, and the for a shopping complex (Hypermarket),in addition to an area above the second floor’s roof assigned for restaurants and recreation centres.

Significance of the Project:  Project is the largest commercial complex in Khartoum . It remarkably contributes in the revival of the Capital’s trade and economic movement to cope with the contemporary development of other international capitals.

Cost: Total cost of Khartoum Oasis for Urban Development Project was estimated by one hundred million US Dollars.

Ethanol Processing Plant

sjProprietor: Kenana Sugar Company.
Executing Firm: Brazilian , international  and local firms.

Description:Construction of Ethanol Processing Plant at a cost of USD (15,000,000)Procurement of equipments, spare parts and raw materials at a cost of USD (60,000,000).

Significance of the Project: Production of regenerated Ethanol energy to substitute electric energy.

Cost: Total cost of project is estimated by seventy five million US Dollars. NIIC has arranged for a partial funding in favor of Kenana Sugar Company to fulfill certain purchases along with construction of the ethanol Plant. Funding is estimated by seventy five million US Dollars.

The Presidential Villas

qProprietor: The Presidency of Republic .
Executing Firm: Man for Development. 

Description: Project includes 40 presidential villas , furnished and equipped with  the   latest means of relaxation . They also include a sport club, swimming pool and high leveled restaurants.

Significance of the Project:  The Presidential Villas were constructed to host the African and Arab summits. Construction of these villas aimed at meeting the urgent need for a dignified residence to host the visiting presidential delegates.

Cost: Thirty five million US Dollars.

Electricity National Corporation 

jwProprietor: Khartoum Oasis for Urban Development Company.

Description: Installation of Kosti Power Station ( 45,000,000 USD),Installation of al-Shaheed Power Station in Khartoum North (70,000,000 USD).Execution of energy conveyor  line (Rabak-Rusairis – Khartoum) (USD 13,000,000),Execution of Garry Power Station (A) ( 20.000,000 USD).

Significance of the Project: Significance of the Project is to elevate production of electric energy to meet the needs of urban renaissance and the escalating horizontal expansion of development processes, as electric energy represents a vital factor for infrastructure projects in Sudan .

Cost: Total cost of the Electricity National Corporation projects is estimated by one billion US Dollars.

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