Mondial Group

SONY DSCProducing success requires constant effort, and planning that is accompanied by meticulous implementation, the thing that ended with the Mondial International Investment Group exploring the road to glory, mapping its features, and reaching the desired aim, an aim not linked to competition, but with leadership. Amidst the tight competition within the realm of the financial and business industry, the participant has to study the market carefully, and compare the criteria of his rivals with an expert eye that enables him to predict results on a scientific and studious basis. The plan for winning the competition involved throwing the weight of the whole conglomerate group into various and differing activities, where the criteria of ability is quality, and the principle of superiority is workmanship, and since all the competitors in the market are friends of Mondial …BUTTON-READMORE-1


Our Values

valuseWe, Mondial Group of Companies Ltd offer easy solutions to improve and develop the lives of communities and individuals. We revitalize the national economy to diversify activities and investments in various areas. Furthermore, we are marked by receptiveness and innovative mind along with a firm commitment to our values ​​and professional ethics, utilizing in this regard our reality, resources and economic needs to fulfill our projects and accomplish our partnerships and methods of our operations. We adopt, in this respect  the spirit of initiative and leadership for the service of our country and for stimulating mechanism of a sustainable development in Sudan.We strive to promote the mental picture ..BUTTON-READMORE-1


massegIf a person is central to his environment, his desires are felt, his life has a meaning, with a future of hope and his potential is depicted in a somewhat available capability, the normal and proper situation will be depicted in man’s desire being greater than his capabilities, and with unlimited ambitions. Hence he innovates the means and methods to reach his goal and achieve his aspiration, with the help of almighty Allah. He should be engaged in accomplishing his aspiration, he should also be keen to select noble objectives and legitimate means for accomplishing them, obeying in such the instructions of almighty Allah…


Team Work

Team-WorkWhat makes us assured of the smooth flow of our activities is the training of our cadres at the hands of the most renowned and best of houses of expertise and specialization, whereby Mondial Group Limited has adopted an up to date training and skills development system thus making that its top priority, insuring keenness upon continuity in provision of more choices as well as flexibility for our customers in all activities performed by the group.

Our Mission

masigWe strive very hard in Mondial Group Limited amidst a world where competition is becoming more intense, and alternatives and choices abound, to achieve rapid growth and well deserved leadership in all sectors of our business, taking into account the constant insistence on divulging our customers’ and the markets’ needs and expectations, which helps us to devise solutions that keep up to their needs, and surpass their expectations,..