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About Us

d1Emirates Light Company, based in Dubai , United Arab Imaret. Founded in 28 February 2006 under the Title: Nur al-Imarat Company for Construction Materials and Equipments, a limited liability company, with Imaret Dirham three hundred thousand Capital, registered at the Economic Development Department in Dubai Government, and member of the Commercial and Industrial Chamber of Dubai.Through its strategic policies, Nur al-Imarat Company for Construction Materials and Equipments aim at being a major trading company specialized in materials, equipments and machineries of construction. Its strategic policies aspire at spreading not only in the United Arab Imaret, but also in certain regional states. Due to instability of the global markets, and in view of the company’s ability to expand its activity, certain experts were consulted to assess the situation. Based on results of the assessment, the company’s strategic policy has been changed so that its activity is expanded to include all economic specialties and activities to go in parallel with the company’s new vision.Title of the company has been changed into Nur al-Imarat Investment Company (NIIC) . This change entailed change  in its activity to match with the company’s new strategic policy.


featPic_02-our_valuesOur values incorporate:
Laying solid foundation in the process of confidence building and realizing true vision in the field of investment .Moreover, our values aspire at carrying out general trade in other targeted states.
Employing entire transparency in coping with customers Providing integrated solutions based on scientific approaches about how to cope with customers. Playing efficient role in providing the customer with the most excellent services Exploiting company’s full capacities to develop and train the human resources Investing in certain humanitarian service activities


07-What-do-you-mean-by-missionOur mission is to work professionally for upgrading the qualified human cadre, developing financial resources and building efficient relationship via a reconstruction process for realizing profit by making the best of the available opportunities of funding offered by the Arabian Gulf states. This involves employing these opportunities for covering the urgent demand of this type of service in many Arab and Islamic states.

 Our activates

shutterstock_119997202• Setting up and administration of commercial investment projects
• Setting up and administration of industrial investment projects
• Setting up and administration of agricultural investment projects
• General Trade
Consequently, and after change in the company’s title and activities, capital was raised to three million Imaret Dirham, paid in full.


objectives• Efficient contribution in the targeted markets in the field of infrastructure projects, namely bridges, roads, energy generating stations, potable water and sewage systems.
• Implementing and funding vital projects employing capabilities of the targeted markets
• Rendering services related to estate development firms , namely construction, electro- mechanic services and real estate marketing.