Fappy Factory 

FAPPY factory for dairy products, juices and water is owned by fappy Food Industries. During the first phase, the factory’s production capacity was 150 tons. The project is located on an area of about 2 million square meters, in the state of the River Nile, city of Shandi. This area is internationally classified as a zone free from diseases and pollution. This will avail a good chance for FAPPY project to produce the best fresh cow milk and other products, such as juices and water, and to extend the factory’s farm on a plot of land which is internationally branded as a region free from pollution and highly pure. This will ensure that Fappy dairy products will reach its consumers with high quality and reduce the risks resulting from trading in bulk milk which contains pathogens that are dangerous for humans and also to avoid products produced in unlicensed factories, and that are operated in primitive ways, which make them susceptible to contamination.