Mondial Group

SONY DSCProducing success requires constant effort, and planning that is accompanied by meticulous implementation, the thing that ended with the Mondial International Investment Group exploring the road to glory, mapping its features, and reaching the desired aim, an aim not linked to competition, but with leadership. Amidst the tight competition within the realm of the financial and business industry, the participant has to study the market carefully, and compare the criteria of his rivals with an expert eye that enables him to predict results on a scientific and studious basis. The plan for winning the competition involved throwing the weight of the whole conglomerate group into various and differing activities, where the criteria of ability is quality, and the principle of superiority is workmanship, and since all the competitors in the market are friends of Mondial .

one of the rivals will crown Mondial International Investment Group-a wholly Sudanese company-that was established in 2002 to include a group of subsidiary companies that are specialized in a variety of important fields, competing inside and outside the country, where they have strategic partnerships with a number of investment companies of local and international renown.