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Emirates Light Investment Company 

The activities of Mondial Group in the Emirates expanded with the formation of the Emirates Lights Investments Company, a subsidiary that is considered one of the premier companies specializing in the field of organizing and implementing financing in Sudan from the Gulf and most Arab and Muslim countries using ( Back to Back LCs) system, as Emirates Lights Investments has many affiliation lines through the banking system and the largest Gulf banks such as the Arab Bank for Investment and Commerce, Dubai Islamic Bank, and Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank. Hence Noor Emirates has organized the necessary financing for many strategic projects in Sudan such as: the importation of high voltage towers, the financing of payments to the National Electricity Authority, and the bridge projects of Khartoum State in their initial construction stages including the Tuti Island Bridge, the Mek Nimir Bridge, and the Halfaya Bridge. The company also performed a partial financing of the Manara Water Station, the financing of the ethanol plant of Kennana Sugar Company, as well as the financing of inputs for the water networks of the three Darfuri states, and financing the importation of vehicles and buildings for the Sudanese police force.